Monday, July 13, 2009

14 month old girl going on 14 year old boy

These days Joey is eating as though she were a 14 year old teenager...I remember my grandmother talking about all that My Uncle Don used to eat for breakfast (including something like a whole pound of bacon), and I am reminded of our little girl!

Here's how Saturday went down. We woke up and Joey had to eat breakfast

Breakfast: 1 whole waffle, and some berries

I had to go to work. Johnny was tired of being kooped up in the house, so they went to Grandma's who had some left over breakfast still. Joey proceeded to eat breakfast #2.

Breakfast #2 at Grandma's: 1/2 banana, scrambled eggs and toast

Joey took a nap and woke up to eat Lunch.

Lunch: turkey meat, bread, cheese

Around 3 Joey get's hungry so we give her some cheerios.

Snack: cheerios

We had the Stout clan over for swimming and headed back to Grandma's for dinner. Joey at a lot!

Dinner: 1/2 banana, whole hot dog, watermelon

We were sitting at the table after dinner was over and Joey felt like she needed more food, so she got another hot dog.....then as we were sitting there she just reached in the bread basket and snatched a bun out and started chomping down!

Dinner #2: another whole hot dog, and 1/2 of a hamburger bun

So as you can see, we either have a growing girl on our hands or a 14 year old boy trapped in this 14 month old girl's body.


Kelsey Smith said...

What a good little eater she is ... That is unbelievable!

Natalia said...

She's growing. ;o) She's such a cute little girl. Looks like you and Johnny had a good time @ the hospital on Monday, too - just read Kelli's blog and saw her pics yesterday. Have a blessed day, girl! See you on Sunday.