Saturday, July 11, 2009

Brittany is Babysitting :)

So last night Johnny and I got to spend a night singing and praising the Lord at a Worship service held at church! It was so much fun, but the times were way to late for little Joey to stay up and play in the nursery at church, so we called in our niece to watch her!

I met Brittany when she was 8 and never did I think that she would be watching my future kids, let alone my future kids with her uncle as my husband! This is a picture of her when she was 9 I think...She's the one in the front, hugging the trophy with a yellow bag on her hip (not looking at the camera)!

Anyway, Brittany has grown and is now a "responsible" 13 year old! She biked over from her house, played with Joey for a bit, put her to bed and basically fell asleep on our couch! Johnny threw her bike in the back of the truck and took her home! Get it Brit, and thanks for keeping Joes safe while we were gone!

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