Friday, July 17, 2009

Hawaiian Falls

Tuesday we got a coupon in the good old email for a 2 for 1 deal at Hawaiian Falls! For those of you who don't know, Hawaiian Falls is a small water park that is pretty close to where we live. I talked to My brother-in-law Bret and we made plans to go! So I got off work at 3 and we packed up and headed to the park! Joey did great at the park. Here are a few pics:

This is the kids area where we started Joey...there are all sorts of water buckets that dump on you, things that spray on you, and more!

Brittany, Joey, and Johnny were sitting and splashing :) Brit is great at entertaining Joey!

Aunt Lisa made peanut butter sandwiches, and Joey loved them!! Here she is with a big gob in her cheek.

There is a sand box at HF that Joey wasn't quite sure of...she definitely had a hard time walking in it :)

Last but not least, here is a video of Brittany taking Joey down a waterslide....the end us super funny! Brittany cracks me up!

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