Thursday, September 16, 2010

Books For Joey....

So we are slowly getting back into the groove of things here at the Stout house.  I actually took Joey to the library today for the first time in about {how old is Sam???  Oh yeah...} 3 and a half months!  I think we got some good books for our little goes!

{Joey loves Belinda books!  We had to go with this one :]}

{This cover just looked so cute, and I didn't even notice till we got home that the words coming out of her megaphone are "I'm a big sister".  This should be a cute one}

{She loves If you give a mouse a cookie, so I thought we'd give this one a try!!  Oh and I didn't realize it was Christmas-y, but that totally works for us seeing as how I have already started singing her Christmas Carols because if I have to sing "Happy and You Know It" one more time, I won't be clapping my hands :]}

{ditto minus the Christmas-y thing}

{Joey loves bubbles, and this little girl looks so cute!!}

{We've had this one before and loved it!!!}

{These books are so cute...we've never read this one, but I'm sure it's going to be great!!}

{Last but not least, we got this Jamie Lee Curtis book.  She has great children's books!!!}

And that's it!  I hope Joey likes all her new books for the next 2 weeks......then they go back and new ones come home!  Let me know if you have any suggestions :)

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