Sunday, September 12, 2010

When Joey Grows Up

I often look at Jo and wonder what she will be when she grows up.  She's shown an interest in many things, and as I see it, here are her options thus far.....

{a professional gymnast}

{a maid}

{a chef}

{she could star in one of those "survivor" shows}



{fasionista...she could get paid to write a blog about all the upcoming trend including the "wearing every bow you own" trend}

{my preference...a singer}

As you can see, our daughter has many talents and will have a lot to choose from when she grows up!  In all seriousness though, I really can't wait to see how God forms her talents and see who he makes her to be!  We will love her not matter what she does in the long run {ehem..sing}...did I say that out loud?? :)

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Kelli Davis said...

YES!!!!!!!!!!!!! I love the Survivor pic!!!