Thursday, September 23, 2010

Threads of Gratitude...What Are Yours??

So Sammy is over 3 months old and it's time to get back into gear with the whole blogging thing :)  It started this week with my "Books For Joey....." post, and now I'm back to the Threads of Gratitude! This idea was given to me by a friend from church named Tamra.  It's a great idea and I love thinking of these each week.  So often God's blessings go unnoticed in our busy world.  I'm trying to take notice, and so should you!!!

It's all about what God has given us, not what we "earned", but what we have been blessed with!  Here goes...

Dear Father, I am so thankful for my daughter Joey.  She is such a blessing to our family.  She makes me laugh, makes me want to pull out my hair, and makes me aware of your creativity.  Even in her terrible 2's, she is your amazing creation, and I have so much love for her it's unreal!!

God on high, I love my sweet Sammy so much.  She is an amazing baby, and truly a gift from you!  I am amazed at her journey so far, and thank you for bringing her out of the ICU at 9 days old and developing her into this happy, healthy baby who kicks, waves her arms, and smiles from ear to ear when she sees me, Johnny or Joey!  I didn't know if I'd have enough love for two babies, but your provision is amazing and you have made room in my heart for this sweet girl!

Lord, thank you so much for my husband Johnny who cooks, cleans, takes care of our children, and more! He has always been the biggest help and a true partner in raising our girls and does way more than a lot of dad's do! I love this guy and I thank you for choosing him for me and our daughters!

And that's it for today!  I went with a family theme I suppose :)  What are you thankful for?  You can either leave your thoughts in the comment section or write your own blog on the same topic then put your link in the comment section! I'd love to know that I'm not the only one thanking our Lord today!!!

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Tamra said...

Great job Christy, I love your post. I think if you take the time to remember why you're grateful for your children, especially as they get older, it will be easier to deal with all the craziness. As they turn into little adults with their own attitudes and ideas, it can be frustrating and we can lose sight of the good qualities God blessed them each with. Thanks for reminding me to remember. :)