Tuesday, April 5, 2011

10 Months!!!

So I can hardly believe we will be celebrating Sammy's 1st bday in just 2 short months! Our sweet little 10 month old is doing well and eating anything you put in front of her!

She is crawling all over the place and is into everything!  Johnny and I often say that we either don't remember Joey being this active because it was just her and we could pay attention to her better or we just don't remember how active Joey was :]  We will be playing with Jo and look over to find Sammy with a lamp cord in her mouth {true story}.  I'm not bragging, and please don't revoke our nomination for Parent of the year based on this one incident :]

Anywho, Sammy can also pull up to her knees on just about anything.  She can even get one of her feet kicked out to the side, but she can't quite stand from that position yet, and sometimes she gets stuck on her knees and doesn't quite know how to get down :]

As you can see from the picture above, her tongue is still out a lot of the time.  She pulls it in when she eats and our doctor has confirmed that it's not too big for her mouth, she just likes to stick her tongue out I guess.  Have you ever tried to just sit there with your tongue out....it takes work....oh well, it's her thing :]

She loves cheerios, bananas, mum mum rice crackers, mac n cheese, chicken tetrazini, rolls, mashed potatos, blueberries, and more!  She feeds herself like a champ and will stuff hand fulls of whatever is on her tray into her mouth at a time!  Check out the roll on her wrists....the food is fattening her up :]

We love our sweet Sammy and she loves us too!  WE can tell when we walk into a room and she squeals and smiles, and also when she gives us big slobbery kisses!  She also reaches for us and talks to us often!

Sam is such a sweetheart, and although she's a bit fussier than her sister was, we love her and are enjoying watching her become a little person {if that make's any sense}.  Until next month.....

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