Sunday, April 24, 2011

Easter Eggs!!!

This was Joey's 1st year to dye Easter Eggs!  We went to hang out with the cousins, and the craziness ensued :]

Our charming nephew Dakotah :]

Claudia is so creative and did some really cool eggs!!

Daddy was teaching Joey how to do it...

this handsome man is our nephew Brandon who is about to turn 7!!!

Joey loved using the dipper!

Claudia is NOT camera shy :]

Not sure if you can read it, but her egg says Mily!!

Claudia, Mily, Dakotah, Brandon and Joey :]

Daddy having fun with Jo!

She was so proud that she took the egg out of the dye all by herself!  Johnny kept saying "take the picture, take the picture!" because she didn't have a great grip on it :]

Concentration is key when dying Easter Eggs!!

The finished product



Dying eggs was a lot of fun!  Joey did great and only cracked 1 egg while slamming them into the dye :] After the fun, we took Mily to our house and she and Joey had a sleepover!  It was such a fun night, and I can't wait for next year!!

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Holly (me.) said...

Hmmm... feeling nostalgic for egg dyeing after seeing these pics. Maybe next year...