Monday, April 18, 2011

Best Bday Ever!!!

Well, it's finally over.  I've been 30 for over 2 weeks now, and I have to say, it's going great!  Johnny and I decided on my 29th bday that for my 30th bday we were going to go to Mexico, which turned into a huge April bday celebration with our friends the Luedke's to celebrate Amanda's 30th and with the Davis' to celebrate Kelli's 29th.  Well, those girls and pretty much everyone we wanted to invite got knocked seriously....they all had babies!  We have been knee deep in baby showers, diapers and breast feeding questions around here, and I'm so happy for all my friends and their new additions, but I wish they all could have waited to get preggo on the trip :].  We did invite some other friends, but for one reason or another, it just didn't work out this time around.  So my Mexican bday with tons of friends evolved to a Destin/Pensacola bday with a few not pregnant friends...when we still couldn't swing that, we changed it to a Gulf Shores, Alabama bday with Johnny and I on recommendation from Mandy...a girl I work with.

Well let me tell you...we missed all our friends and wished they could have all made it, but dispite all that, Johnny and I had the best time!!!  

Johnny and I started the day with an ice cold beer at the airport :]  Yummo!!!

The we blindly followed the Apple Maps on Johnny's phone and ended up on our first ferry ride!  It was super cool, was cold!!!

Here's  Johnny breathing a bit easier after we found out he has a job next year!  This awesome news really made the vacation the best it could be!!!

After about an hour and a half we arrived at our beach house! Here's our view from the deck...

But that's only the beginning...what did we do while on our beach getaway??  

Answer....a whole lotta nadda!

We watched seasons 1 and 2 of this show...

We layed on this beach...

 ...and I sat in this chair...

...and finally finished this book!  It was great, and spoiler alert...Harry totally kills Voldemort!

We also went on a hike at the State was a beautiful trail...

we made it a little past the 2 mile marker and turned around.  My legs were burning after the walk was over, but it was great weather and great time with my hubby :]

We also went shopping, dining, and even took mid day naps!  We Skyped with the girls each night, and missed them terribly.  It was such a comfort to know they were in good hands with my mom!  She even had some help from Holli and Sharon.  Joey said she had fun with everyone but she told them she missed us!

The trip was great, and Johnny and I are already planning on going back with the family and friends in the future!  Thanks for such an amazing trip J Diddy!  Here's some more pics from the weekend, and then it's off to bed!  This girl is tired!!!!

view to the right of our it!

look how white the sand is!!!  This was what we had to walk to get to our car or from our car to the house.  on our first night Johnny stirred up a sand crab :]

who doesn't love sand in between their toes?? glad me and amanda got our toes did before we left!!

this was our it!!!

our kitchen...

our tiny stove and miniature cookie sheet :]

we loved living here for 4 nights...this plate said it all :] lol

anyway, I loved our time in Gulf Shores!  I can't wait to go back and take the kids with us!  Let's do this 30!!!

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