Friday, July 8, 2011

Camping With Mommy

Summer is in full swing, and if you read my last post, you know we have had our ups and downs with Joey and her 3 year old self....more ups than downs :]  Anywho, as a fun way to reward her good behavior, she has been coming to Eagle's Wings with me for some Summer Camp sessions!  She has a shirt and everything....she always asks "Mommy, is my camping shirt clean??".  At camp the kids get to do gymnastics rotations, play games, rock climb, do crafts, eat lunch and more!  Here's a few pics of Joey from this past week when she got to come "camping" at the gym.

It was fun to see Joey in action at camp.  She goes to school, but I don't get to see her interact with the other kids and instructors.....I snuck in a few times and checked her out.  The result???  She's very respectful of her teachers, and they love her as a result.  In this picture above, they are playing duck duck goose. Every time I looked out on the game, Joey was being picked :]  I love that people love her...a bit of momma's pride :]

Who couldn't love that crazy haired girl??

Joey, and all the kids for that matter, love to run on the rod floor....

her running is getting faster...look at those little legs go :]

it was water Wednesday and this is the pool where they put the sponges in for sponge wars and such....Joey jumped right in and made herself at home....

Logan was like "we can get in this thing??"

on water Wednesday's we have a giant inflatable water slide for the kids to play on....Joey wouldn't go by herself, so Amanda went with her :]

"Joey, was that fun???"..."Yes Mommy!!!!"..."Do you want to go again??"..."No Thanks!"

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