Friday, July 22, 2011

Roderick Bland Williams III

We were lucky enough to celebrate with my sister and her husband this past weekend to see our nephew get baptized!  We had a BBQ on Saturday at Vicky and Ricky's house then the actual baptism was on Sunday at their Church!  Here's some pics of all the festivities :]

{sweet boy :]}

Joey is finally warming up to Dedecek :]

Yummy food!!

Lots of fun peeps hanging out in the heat :]

Sweet Olivia and Evelyn :]

The Williams side :] Betty Jo, Ricky and Nancy

Kathryn and Vicky....BTW, K is half way done with her pregnancy, and she just looks like she ate a few tacos :]

Vicky and Dad...not sure why he's waving :]


Onto the show :]  Ricky III isn't so sure about this :]

I'm never in pictures, so here you go :]

Keeping Joey entertained on the kneelers :]

Ricky getting anointed with oil

Joey going back and forth from me to the back of the church to me again :]  She was very quiet and did not disturb anyone!

Getting sprinkled :]  He didn't even cry....I don't think?!?

Sammy was obviously having fun in her own way :]

The God Parent's lighting the candle :]

Everyone with the Deacon who did the baptism, and the 11 others :]

Thanks for letting us share in your weekend Williams family!  We love sweet Ricky and pray his life be blessed in abundance!  That's our prayer for the entire family!  Love y'all!!!

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Kelli Davis said...

Your blog has gone girly, and I feel disoriented!! ;-) Just kidding- it's lovely!!