Friday, July 1, 2011

Swimming Lessons

So this is the year Joey is going to learn how to swim!  She's fearless when it comes to water and will announce "underwater" before slamming her face into the pool :]  Aunt Lisa gave Mily and Joey swimming lessons and the girls both did great!  Here's some pics and videos of their show off day today...

look at her go :]

Joey was telling us all week that her favorite thing to do was get the rings from the bottom of the pool.  I didn't realize she was being serious!  The water was deep for Joey and she went for it!!

"I got three"

get it fishy :]

go Mily go!!!

waiting to jump off the side.....

apparently we need to work on Joey getting out of the pool on her was hard for her little muscles :]

she loves to jump in though :]

jump in!!!

kick board time...she's balancing so much better now!

let's give our back a try!

Dakotah {the splash on the left}, Brandon and Claudia came to swim while the girls did their show off!

Roll the video.....

Thanks for a great week of swimming lessons Aunt Lisa!  The girls had a blast and it was great to see how much they had learned!!

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