Tuesday, October 9, 2007

My loving Hubby.....

So Johnny and I have found a church home that we love attending, and are pushed to grow spiritually in. We attend service and go to a great Bible Study on Sunday nights. This Sunday in particular we were talking about 1Peter 3:1-7. For those of you who don't know, as I didn't, these are some contriversial verses on the role of Husbands and Wives. Not only are we as wives supposed to honor our husbands by working on inner beauty (thank goodness my husband finds great value in this...make up and great hair is too hard for me!) not external, but we are to lead holy lives and have a gentle and quiet spirit in the process. That means lead by example not by speaking :) On the opposite side of things, the Husband is supposed to honor his wife by respecting her as the physically weaker of the two sexes and more. This is not to be taken derogitorily, but as a command for men not to abuse their wives. At the end of our Bible Study we were asked ways in which our Husbands could honor us. I said that I love it when Johnny tells me that dinner is good. Easy enough! Well, this brings us to the present time. Johnny had Monday off of work and when I came home, he had primed the baby room all by himself. I was trying to let him off easy at Bible Study, but this was a HUGE way to honor his Wife!!! I know how much he HATES to paint, and so that he spent his day off doing that, he is living out biblical pricipals like a champ! I am so proud and so honored to be Johnny's wife. He makes a great husband and is going to be an amazing father! Thank you God for letting me share this amazing experiance with a great man!

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