Saturday, October 20, 2007

Projects R Us

I'm sure that Johnny didn't know that signing up for baby also meant signing up for Projects R Us, our very own family runned business. For what it's worth, neither did I! Since we found out about him/her, we have moved the office in it's entirety, created a new office in a nook we barely realized existed, installed a shelf above our bed, painted our old office for the new bambino, (deep breath) rushed into home depot at 30 minutes till close trying to cut and buy crown molding to cover our ceiling paint mess ups in the old office which lead to putting crown molding in every bed room upstairs (another deep breath), and last but not least...crib refurbishing. That's right, our friends Cara and David gave us this crib and told us to do with it what we is out of their attic and therefore we can paint it, toss it, whatever we want to it. We decided that painting a FREE crib would be better than tossing a FREE crib! People have mentioned that we are crazy to take on such a new business during my pregnancy, but I don't see it as a business (and if you haven't caught on, it's isn't a business at all) as much as I see it as an investment we are setting up for the future. Let's remember that it takes money to make money, and we will see our return in about 6 more months! All these extra little things will be worth it to make this child's life better than it can be. So for now, we will hold our paintbrushes high, breath through our masks, and push on as we see our business grow into what it can and will be! Wish us luck :) (Disclaimer: Projects R Us does not hire out for services. Please do not call looking for our handy skills to be put to use at your house! Thanks :)

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