Monday, December 21, 2009

Big Girl Bed and Big Girl Panties :)

So our little munchkin is growing quicker than I care to imagine!

Ever since we found out about Stout Seed # 2, Johnny and I decided that we were moving Joey into her Big Girl room over Johnny's Christmas break from school.  We have been getting it ready for a while and playing in it for a while too.  She has cute bedding, decorations on the walls, toys in the bins, books on the shelves, a step stool to get in her bed, and a chest of drawers!  The one thing we were lacking was a night light of some sort.  We wanted something like what she had in her crib, so we set out to Target and bought this super cool projector music thing for Joey's room.

As far as Joey is concerned, this toy and toilets that flush themselves are the 2 scariest things on earth :)  We turned it on for Nap # 1 and she freaked!  We thought it was just cause she was in her big girl bed for the first time, so we tried it again that night and she freaked out again!  We tried to just play with it the next day and she would push the buttons just fine, but anytime the projector would come on, she would dive into our laps and get scared!  So crazy.  So we decided to try her next nap sans projector and voila!  She is now a pro at sleeping in her Big Girl Bed!  We just tuck her in, read her a few stories, turn on her Lullaby CD (she's still listening to it Aunt Patti!), give kisses, say night night and it's off to dream land!  Who knew that a toy could cause such terror??  We have 2 weeks to get her used to her room and that way, when baby sister or brother comes in June, Joey doesn't feel like she has been kicked out of her room, and her bed for some person she's never met :(

Onto the Potty Training :)

Since she was 15 months, she has been frequently asking us to go potty.  We put her on the potty, and sometimes she goes, sometimes she doesn't.  We haven't worried too much about it since she was so young and still is!  It is a tradition in the Stout family to get socks and undies in your stocking for Christmas, so we decided that we would get Joey some panties this year.  We weren't really thinking we would potty train our little one over Johnny's Christmas break, but we got those little panties home and just decided to go for it!

We washed em up and the next day after Joey's nap, we went on our way...literally, we went to Grandma' diaper on that tiny hiny......or as Jo would say "no biaper". She did great and had no accidents!  We were over there for about 5 hours :) Go Joey!!!  We headed home and went potty, and put that hiny in a diaper for night night time!  Today was a little different story, but she still had many victories!  She had 1 #1 accident and 1 #2 accident.  I'd say that's pretty good for a 20 month old!  Tomorrow she comes to work with me for a bit, and I just know I'm gonna be paranoid the whole time.  I'm sure she'll be fine, but I'm just saying!

I will post pics of Joey's room when I am done with one final project!  Stay tuned :)

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rackersfamily said...

super baby... wow! that's awesome... you'll only have 1 in diapers... that will be easy on the bank account! ;) can't wait to see her room.