Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Wishful Wednesday

'I wish' .... I could relive one particular holiday experience over and over again, and it would be ____________!

Kelsey is back with Wishful Wednesday! I have so many memories of Christmas that it's hard to pick, but....
If I could relive one particular holiday experience over and over again, and it would be going to my grandparents house in Hunt, TX!

If I was better prepared, I would have a great little pic to put in right here, but I do not :(  I just loved going their each year!  I have memories of sitting in the back of the car with the portable tape player listening to The Judds and The Eagles!  I feel like we wore out several of those tapes over the years!  I also loved getting to see my Great grandmother, Nonny, who Joey is named after and that is also why we call my mom Nonny!  I always new I was going to get a book from my granddad even though I don't like to read...he always put thought into it hoping that one day I might crack!  I also remember one year I had asked for a hairdryer.  My grandmother ordered it and it came in the mail but in a different box, she didn't think anything of it, and that year when I opened my "hair dryer", I got frozen (thawed at that point) chicken patties....not funny at the time to me, but hilarious now!  We used to go arrowhead hunting with Bigman, and fed the deer everyday!  We always opened presents on Christmas Eve and stockings Christmas morning.  I also remember watching The Music Man each time we would go to Hunt.  

I miss that house, I miss my grandad, I miss my great grandmother, and I miss the traditions we had in Hunt.  Now as a new Stout family we are making our own traditions which include driving up and down HWY 75 on Christmas, eating with Johnny's family each Christmas Eve, and more :)  I'm excited to look back on this post when Jo is older and see what she remembers best.  

Merry Christmas Everyone! 


Katie said...

Hunt is such a beautiful place! I have worked at Camp Mystic for the past 2 summers and love the drive there! Small world!

Kelsey @ Seattle Smith's said...

Talk about adventures in Hunt -- that sounds amazing!!! Oh, how I love memories so!!