Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Who doesn't Love a Roller Skating Party???

So Sunday we went down to the Thunderbird Roller Skating Rink in Plano for Jackie and Bret's birthday Party!  Who doesn't love 80's music and Quad skates??  I am not super confidant in my skating abilities while preggo, and Joey is a bit young, so we had fun walking around the rink and watching Daddy show off his moves! Here are some pics...

Daddy got in trouble after carrying Jo around the rink while he was skating!  Oh well....

Go Mily Go!!

Lisa is all about at theme party...These are actual clothes from the 80's!

Pretty sure Joey thought she was actually skating :)

It's not a skating party without the Hokey Pokey!!

And last but not least, my new favorite family photo!

Thanks for having a super cool party Bret and Jackie!!

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Liz Rock said...

Looked fun! Wish we had gone : )