Monday, December 7, 2009

Jo Is On The Mend!

So our little peanut has been sicky for the past week!  We had her home Monday thru Friday while she was getting better!

 Monday she had some clear snot and a low grade fever, we thought nothing of it, but Johnny did take off work so that the kids at Miss Holli's wouldn't get sick too. Johnny called the doc to see if we could give her anything, and they said nope...nothing for the little lady, just Tylenol for the fever.

Tuesday, same story....low grade fever, and the sniffles with an added cough.  We just kept her home gave her some Tylenol with plenty of rest.

Wednesday was the day we finally took her to the doctor.  Good thing too, she had 2 ear infections, and bronchitis...poor little girl!  The also thought her heartbeat was weird and considering her history they decided to take a chest x-ray.  Johnny said that was an adventure...they had to lay her on her tummy and hold her down...not fun!  They determined from the chest x-ray that her heart was fine, but still wanted us to come do a follow up visit the next day. 

Thursday I took her back to the doc and she said she heard some wheezing in her chest and she didn't want anything to settle in her lungs becoming pneumonia so she put Jo on an inhaler in addition to the antibiotic she got the day before.  After the doc appointment, Joey spent the day with Grandma and Mily.  The girls had a blast, and Grandma said if she could afford not working she would just stay home with these lovely ladies all the time!

Friday came and Nonny got to spend the day with Joey....Nonny (my mom) loved that every time she wiped Joey's nose Joey said "thank you".  If you haven't heard Joey speak, it is just the sweetest thing, and a simple little "thank you" without prompting will just melt your heart!

Our little munchkin is doing better now, she just has a pesky lingering cough that sounds awful, but we have been assured by her doc she is no longer contagious, so Saturday we ventured out into the world to meet my family at the Galleria for some Angel Tree Shopping and hang out time!  Here's a picture of Joey trying to warm up to Santa, and one of her in her new coat and hat...this girl is ready for the winter...bring on the snow :)


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