Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Ob Check Up Today!

So today I had a check up at my Ob's office!  Can I just tell you how much I love Dr. Sarah Roberts??  She's so much fun, super relatable and tells you like it is!  If you are in need of a good Ob, let me know! Enough about that.....

Onto the check up.

Today I weighed in at a whopping 103.8 lbs.  I gained 8 oz since my last appointment :)  Apparently my pee test was good enough to not say anything about and my blood pressure was good too once the machine decided to cooperate and actually take my blood pressure!  We headed back to the room to hear the heartbeat of our little Stout Seed # 2.  I told the nurse that this baby is active.  I really don't remember feeling Joey move this early...maybe she did and I thought it was gas or something??  Anywho, I told her this baby was active, she said ok and put the doppler on my tummy to find our peanut and get that heartbeat!

(This is the fetal doppler.  The put goo on the end of the stick and place it on your belly to hear the baby's heartbeat)

We got the heartbeat right away, but then we would hear a thud, then the heartbeat, then a thud.  The bambino was movin and groovin!  She said "Wow, this baby is active!" My suspicion confirmed!  The baby's heartbeat was 163 beats per minute which is in "girl" range the nurse said.  I visited with my doc, and went on my way!  I set up my next Ob appointment on January 18th.  It is then when we get to find out the sex of the baby....I'm praying that this one cooperates as well as Joey did!  I'm really wanting to find out if it's a boy or a girl!

That's it for now folks.  I'll keep you posted on any upcoming news :)