Thursday, February 11, 2010

How We Spent The Day :)

So today I stayed home with Joey because Miss Holli had a doctor's appointment.  I was so glad we stayed home because it was so snowy!!  A record in Dallas history apparently!  So here is our day in pictures (and some silly captions :)

Joey had her snack in "mommy's chair".  She climbed in it all on her own (which is a huge deal, this kid is not a brave one :)

She's not giving me a dirty look, she's saying "CHEESE"

After snack, we did some puzzles!  Joey can put all her puzzles together all on her own!  These are all for ages 3 and up :) She's so smart!!

Then daddy came home for lunch...we had a nutritious feast of pizza rolls and chicken tenders coupled with some chips and pickles...yummo :)

Joey must have been worn out because she took a 3 hour nap after daddy went back to work which was great because mommy got a good nap too :)

Once Joey got up, we had a tea party!  She always gives the purple cup to her tea party guests, and loves asking if you want more tea!

When daddy got home, he wanted to take Joey outside to play, so he got her all dressed up in layers and headed out the door!  She stood there and cried :)  So he sent her back inside with me and we watched daddy roll up a snow man from the window inside where it was warm! (See him in the window??)

Good job daddy!  This is through the window, so the lines are the window screen...

Why not play with some play doh while dinner is getting finished??  Joey wasn't doing anything interesting with it, so we took a picture of daddy and his creation :)

To finish up our day, we went to visit Miss Isabel and her new baby Bella!   Bella is so cute, and we are so excited that she made it safe and sound into this world!

Now it's time for bed people :)  Johnny and I both have the day off tomorrow because the weather is still gross, so we get to play all over again!  Hope everyone is safe and warm!!

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