Monday, February 22, 2010

Ready for Summer!!!

In honor of the cold weather, I thought I'd post some pics from last week when we got all the way up to 60 somthing!  Joey and I had to go outside to get some fresh air, so I toted her basketball goal out to the ally and we played for a good 45 minutes before the sun went down and daddy got home!  Here are some fun shots :)

Slam Dunk!!!

Get the ball Joey :)

2 Slam Dunks in 1 day...Maybe we should raise the goal????

Look mommy, I can dribble too :)

Now I'm going to go over here, and you can't catch me :)

And now I'm going to throw the ball in the grass!

The sun was out and we seized the moment, glad we did with snow in the forecast for this upcoming week!  Where is Summer???  I'm ready for sunny weather!!!

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