Thursday, February 4, 2010

My Love Affair With Children's Books :)

We just got a new Library in McKinney that is on the way home from Miss Holli's house!  I decided to get a membership and make Joey into an avid reader (unlike her mother and father).  She loves to be read to and my mom says that I loved it too when I was her age.  Now a days there is no time for reading leisurely :( I started the last Harry Potter about a month ago and to my friend Kelli's dismay, I am still only 1/2 way through the million page book!  Any who, I digress...enough about me, back to this post :)

So since I got a membership to our neighborhood library, Joey and I have been going and getting new children's books about every other week!  I love researching children's books online, and today I'm pretty sure we picked up some good ones!  Here's our reading list for the next few weeks to come:

I love kids books and get excited to go to the library with Joey. Do you remember when you were supposed to be quiet at the Library??  I do, and people aren't at this one!  I'm walking around shushing my little one while kids are running around seemingly's crazy!!  Other than that, I'm excited to continue checking out books for JoJo and spending time with her reading said books!  

Do you have any childhood favorites or any books that are your child's favorites?  Please suggest!  Night Night everyone :)


Laurie said...

We have several of those but my fav from that list is Little Miss Spider. The last line in the book speaks to our family when Beetle Betty takes in Little Miss Spider as her own daughter and the book says this line :"For finding your mother there's one certain test, you must look for the creature who loves you the best. " :) LOVE that!

czstout said...

That is sweet! We haven't read it yet, but really looking forward to it!

mrs bradley said...

Yep, I love that line, too! Have you read any of the "Olivia" books? Great for a girl. Also the Sock Monkey books are a hoot! Llama, Llama red pajama; Llama, llama, mad at mama, and one more...?? THose are good, too.

Aaaron said...

You gotta check out Mrs. Biddlebox!