Tuesday, February 16, 2010

It's Library Day :)

So I loved getting everyone's suggestions on what books to get for Joey's reading enjoyment!  Please keep the ideas coming :)  I totally forgot my list of what everyone said, so this is what we ended up with when we headed to the library tonight....hopefully we got some good ones!!

I got this one purely based off of the cover illustration :)  Looks like it could be a good one!

I got this one because Joey has this crazy obsession with dogs right now, and her Dedechek's name is Carl!!

We got this one because I liked the other book we got by Jamie Lee Curtis, and when I flipped through the pages of this one, it looks super cute!

I got this one because I just love Miss Spider!  She's so cute and the illustrator of these books is amazing...all the illustrations are so captivating and interesting to look at!

I got this one because I love music and so does Joey...end of story :)

This is one that I remembered!  My friend Aaron suggested it!  Check out his daddy blog here :)

I couldn't remember where I had heard about this book till I got home, but it had dogs on it, and again, Joey has an obsession with dogs these days!!  My friend amanda read it to her daughter while I was at her house one day, it is super cute!!!

So that's it folks, this is what we will be reading to Joey for the next few weeks!  Please suggest more books, I promise to take my list to the library next time :)  Do you have any opinions about the ones we got today??


Aaaron said...

Yeah for Mrs. Biddlebox! What'd you think? After you and Joey read the story, read the author's bio. It puts the story in a whole new light...and may be what made the story so memorable for me.

Laurie said...

Little Critter books by Mercer Mayer! Our favorites!! Vivi's favorite books at Joey's age were Please Puppy Please, Who Am I (in the Ocean) and Corduroy