Thursday, May 5, 2011

11 Months...Ahhhhhh!!!

So Sammy is officially almost a 1 year old!  I just can't believe that I was huge preggo last year, hips hurting, peeing all the time, and uncomfortable as I'll get out!  Our little lady has made great strides in these past eleven months, and we are still madly in love with our little girl!!!

This sweet smile is on her face most of the time, and tells a lot of who Sam's become!  She really only fusses if she's sick or hungry!

Sam is a crazed lady in the tub and it is getting harder and harder to bath this slippery little sucker!  She's fearless in the water and will plop down on her belly  to crawl for toys across the tub...sometimes over sister to do so :]  Water gets in her what, she keeps moving!  She slips and goes under the water for a what, she pops up ready to move some more!  You cannot turn your eye for a second when Sammy is in the tub!!  Johnny has started calling her "splashy McGee" because if she's not crawling, she's like shamu at sea world...if you are with in a foot of the tub, wear your rain slicker, you are in the splash zone!  Joey can't quite get splashy mcgee out, so she often says things like "splashy degee, stop splasing!!!".  

Sammy is pulling up on everything now and when interested in getting something, can even cruise the furniture!  We have a walking toy that she can now work, but I'm not confident enough to let her go while I get the camera :]  Soon I'll get some video and put it on here :]

Sammy is soothed by song, which Joey was not.  When we sing to her she lights up and grins from ear to ear!  This probably means she's going to be an awful singer, know the words to every song, and want to sing at the top of her lungs in the car all the time....I'm preparing myself people!!

Sammy loves "people" food and has tried graham crackers recently....they are messy but she squeels when I get the box in front of her!  Too Cute :]

While we were gone in Alabama, my mom let us know that Sammy can now climb the stairs :]  She's not solid at it, but that doesn't mean she won't try when you aren't looking, so we have to keep a close watch on our little mover!

Sammy now has 3 teeth :]

We love our sweet girl, and can't wait to celebrate her first year next month!  Here's some pics to wet your whistle :]

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