Saturday, May 28, 2011

It's How We Do!

So Saturday is here and we spent our afternoon enjoying the sunny weather!  We got the kids a pink pool the other day and decided to fill it up, stick some toys in it, and let the kids go to town!  Johnny and I enjoyed an afternoon beer with our feet in the pool :]

Sammy got in and just started splashing! She was completely soaked in seconds :]

Daddy sprayed the girls :] {joey is laughing hysterically here, not crying :]}

The set-up :]  We just put this out in our "front yard" and enjoyed the day!

Time to get out and get dry!!

Wrinkled feet = fun was had!!

Joey declared "It's Summer!!!!" and we couldn't be more excited!  Johnny has 1 week of school left then it's park time, bike time, pool time and more for him and the girls while I work my booty off at Eagle's Wings all Summer :]  

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