Monday, May 9, 2011

Mother's Day

Mother's Day was awesome!  I got to sing at church in the morning with my buddy David. Johnny brought the girls to the 10 o'clock service and I got to pick them up from their classes!  Joey walked right out of her class, handed me a flower and exclaimed "happy Mother's Day!!!" It was so sweet :]

After church I came home to find Joey sitting in the living room.  She wished me a happy mother's day again and had a gift for me!  The girls' got me a cute sun dress from's coral and one of my favorite styles!  I don't know if you know, but this is the summer of the dresses!  Johnny said Joey picked it out and everything!  So fun!

Next we headed off to my mom's house to celebrate with her and my grandmother!  Vicky and Ricky came too!

The spread :]

Joey and Nonny

Joey playing with Dedecek

Dora haunts our lives everywhere we go!

I love this picture!!!

Mom was telling Joey to open her eyes, and I guess Joey didn't quite get it :]

I love Sam's expression in this one!!

4 generations :]

Greatmother, Ames and Vicky lounging!!

It was great hanging out with family, and Joey was entertainment for us all :]

We headed north to hang out with Johnny's family and mom!  We all met at Amy's house and ate some yummy pizza and italian beef sandwiches!  I'm so annoyed because I left my camera in the car :[  You just have to imagine us all having fun and relaxing!

Thanks Mom for birthing me all those years ago!  I wouldn't be where I am without you.  You are a great mom and I've really enjoyed seeing you with my children.  They love their nonny so much and it's evident when they light up each time they see you!  

Sharon,  thanks so much for welcoming me into this Stout family!  I love how caring you are and how you really make me feel like one of the Stouts :]  It's so fun to see how excited Joey and Sammy get when they see you each week, we love that we live so close and get to see you often!

Happy Mother's Day to all the mommies out there :]


A Tiny Hiney said...

AWwww, so sweet! Your girls are getting so big!!! You are such a great mommy to them. Glad you had a day to celebrate!

czstout said...

Thanks Erica!!! Hope your first mother's day was great!!