Sunday, May 1, 2011

Our Poor Girls :]

So our sweet girls get some weird genetic make up from Johnny and I.  They both have heart conditions, and have been tested for several genetic disorders {all coming back negative so far}.  They have been poked and prodded since the day they were born it seems, and we are sorry for that little ladies!!

At Sammy's 9 month check-up, they ordered some routine blood work and also added a thyroid test since she's on the lower end of the curve.  Like the awesome parents we are, we kept putting off the blood work, not because of laziness, but because of forgetfulness!  We finally got her tests done after getting a "reminder" from our doc, and some disturbing results came back.  Sammy had a high thyroid, and she also had high hemoglobin.  Our doc was concerned and had us make an appointment to an endocrinologist to see what we needed to do about Sammy's thyroid.  She also had us make an appointment at Children's to get more blood work done just to double check things.  In that blood work we were testing for a laundry list of was literally a quarter sheet of testing.  Among the things being tested were thyroid, and a genetic disorder called DiGeorge Syndrome.  The Doc wanted to test for DiGeorge Syndrome because of the combo of high thyroid and Sammy's heart condition.

We got to Children's and the nurses were great.  For Sammy's weight, they can take 30 mL of blood in a 24 hour period.  For all the tests they had to run, they took 27 mL and divided it up among 9 viles :[  Sammy did great and fussed what I believe to be a reasonable amount for a 10 month old :] The nurses warned me that her vein may collapse and we may have to stick her other arm to get all the blood necessary for testing.  I just prayed that that wouldn't be the case, and the Lord blessed us! They were able to get all they needed in a short amount of time from the initial stick.  Sammy slept really well that entire day :]

We got the thyroid test back and her thyroid is completely normal!  Her kidney counts or something like that all came back fine too. Our sweet doc apologized for having us go through the testing and said she felt bad we had to spend the money.  I let her know that in the case of our children, I'd rather be over pre cautious, and not to worry about it.  Since her thyroid is normal, we were able to cancel our endocrinologist appointment, and though the DiGeorge Syndrome test will take a few more weeks to come in, it is probably safe to say we are in the clear since Sam doesn't really show any signs past her heart that there might be something wrong.

So that was a lot just to say that our girl is doing fine!  Johnny said "our girls have heart conditions, and so what, we are not letting them be stuck anymore!!!"  I guess that's all :]

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