Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Sleepovers Rule!!!

So we just got back from an awesome vacation in Wisconsin, and those many posts will follow, but before that Joey had her friend Madison spend the night :] It was a fun filled evening complete with......

.....swim lessons in the morning

....play time all afternoon

 ...a visit to the library {this is a field across the parking lot from the library, and every time I take these girls they want to run in the field!!!}

.....manacures {pink and purple of course}

....and a movie to top it all off

These girls were wiped out by the end of the night if you can't tell by the look on their faces :] The next morning the girls woke up and we had some waffles then headed off to their show off day at swim lessons with Aunt Lisa...

{before lessons}

Madison really got her arms moving!!!

let's try getting the rings at the bottom of the pool Madison....

Joey got one too!!!

Lisa tried to get Hannah in on the action, but she wasn't having it :]

Swim Joey Swim!!!  

and here's the "jump" sequence...

...and Madison just goes for it!!!

Hannah did want to get in on the jumping action...


Crazy Aunt Lisa is the best swim teacher ever!!!  Joey is swimming about 15 feet at a time, and can now pull herself out of the pool on the side with no step!  She can also monkey crawl the entire edge of the pool....

Cheese :]

And to end the awesome sleepover festivities, Aunt Lisa had to jump in with the girls!!!  I think she was dragging Joey :]

It was a great day time with Madison, and we had a blast at swim lessons all week!!!  Here's to many sleepovers {fair warning that all sleepovers may or may not include swim lessons with the awesome Aunt Lisa :]}

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