Thursday, January 5, 2012

5 year anny!!!!

Our 5 year anny was a few weeks ago and Johnny really outdid himself! I'm so thankful that God gave this man to me till death do us part! I feel so blessed and I praise the lord for Johnny daily!

So back to our anny! I woke up on the Saturday of our anniversary and went potty as normal :). When I went to the bathroom I saw these:

Each heart had a verse that either had to do with love or marriage. The hearts were so sweet and the verses were so right on. He came up with this on his own people!!! Yikes!!!

I went back to bed and saw this note by my bedside (btw, Johnny was gone at a 5k during all this).

This sweet note told me that the entire day was planned, all I had to do was get the girls ready for gymnastics and that I had a massage scheduled later that morning!  Are you kidding me???  I was so stoked!!!

Johnny got home and took the girls to the gym, and I went to Massage Envy!

Not sure what's up with this picture, but let me just say, the massage was awesome!  My massage lady didn't talk and that's awesome!!!!  I hate it when you get in there and they are trying to talk to you and you are trying to's such an annoying use of the hour!  Anyway, she was awesome and I'm so glad I got to go!

 When I got home, there was another cute little green envelope with some super sappy love note from Johnny...he said he loves that I can make him laugh and that he makes me laugh too....then he said we were going to see a movie!
The movie was cute, but you can see it at home people, you don't have to rush to the theaters to check out Jack and Jill :]

When we walked out of the movie theater, Johnny handed me another sweet note saying how he likes that I am willing to try new things....let's go get some food and play some Top Golf!! We love Top Golf!  So away we went for some yummy food and some fun at TG!

Seriously, if you've never played Top Golf, you need to go!  It's so much fun and you don't have to be a golfer to have a great time!

Everything we have ever tried at Top Golf is amazing!  I got the Philly Cheese Steak which was divine!!!  They put queso on it people!!!  Yummmmm!!!

While we were finishing up at Top Golf, I got another little envelope with a note in it....It talked about us needing a break and how we deserve a night...Johnny had booked us a room at a hotel near the shops at Legacy!  {Thanks Amy and Stewart BTW!!!}

We went to get our stuff and Johnny had already arranged for the girls to spend the night at Grandma's house.  We went and checked in at the hotel and took a nap...well, Johnny took a nap, I got too enthralled with Independance Day to actually sleep :]  That's what happens when you don't have TV :]

After Johnny's nap we headed out to get some grub! The night was beautiful and the shops were so close, we just walked until we found a place that I remember people recommending so we stopped and ate :]

I had a Mambo Taxi here...some amazing drink I tell you!  The food was good, but small portions...this is Texas people, isn't everything supposed to be bigger?  We ended up having to get some more food later!

again, it was such a great night, we sat on the patio and enjoyed a few drinks with's been a long time since Johnny and I had a few drinks...usually we are cutting up food, making sure things aren't being thrown on the floor, trying to find out what's on the kids menu before even looking at ours.  What a fun change! {Don't get me wrong people, I love our kiddos, they are amazing, but it sure is fun to eat a meal with just me and the hubs every once and a while!!}

We went walking around the shops after dinner and settled down at the Ginger Man.  There was live music and a fun older couple that we chatted with.

They took our picture for us :]  There were no tables open so we just sat on this stoop thing!  Kind of dangerous if you ask me....there was a huge drop behind us where that trunk is coming from!  Oh well, nothing to worry about, we were under control!

That night we crashed at the hotel with no alarms set to wake up to, no kiddos to tend to the next morning.  It was nice!  We did wake up though and got ready to go to church.  My favorite service of the year was here and we didn't want to miss it!  On Thanksgiving weekend our church sets up microphones for people to come up to and give thanks to God for things that have happened in their lives that year.  After you have given thanks, you can also request a song.....LOVE IT!  I usually spend the entire service in tears because God is so amazing and so gracious!

I almost got up at church and told of the amazing anny my hubby planned, but the line was long and I figured I could brag on Johnny here :]  He did assure me that this was not an every year occasion, but because we were celebrating a 5 year mark, we did it up right!  Next year I'm in charge of planning our anniversary, and I'm not sure I'm going to be able to top this one!  Thanks babe, here's to many many more years!!!  Love you!!

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