Thursday, January 5, 2012

Thanksgiving 2011

Christmas has come and gone, but let's recap Thanksgiving :]  I am so behind on posts, and don't want to forget a thing, so here goes!

We started this year with our 2nd annual Thanksgiving feast at the gym.  It's so much fun decorating and this year was no different!  Check out the table, hats and place mats :]

you better believe I made people wear their hats :]  

we had crayons hidden in the leaves so people could color their place mats :]

You can't deny the fun going on at this party!!  Pretty sure Hannah and Chase skipped school to hang out with us old folks!

Me and My new sis in law Rachel....BTW, she should be having a baby soon!  Come on out little Brooklynn, it's ok!

Me and my bestie Akirb...we were pilgrims obviously...

Each year the directors bring yummy food, and this year it was no different!  Check out all those fixins!

Ham and Turkey....we are spoiled!

In the end, Bob had the best place mat creation with is puppy page :]

A few days later, the real Thanksgiving came, and we headed to my parent's house for some yummy food and family fun!

Ricky carved the glad I didn't have the job this year!  I feel like I've carved many a turkey in my life already, and I'm only 30...but really it's kinda fun chopping up the thanksgiving dinner like that...I digress :]  Ricky did a great job!

Look at all that yummy goodness!!!

 gravy on the stove!!!

Our kids aren't big on holiday food yet, but Sammy gave it a go! They have no idea what they are missing out on, I mean turkey and stuffing and gravy?!?  Yummmmmmm!!!  I want some now actually! He mom and greatmother, could you please just whip that up? Thanks :]

Me and my sulsta!  Wow, my hair is really long!!!  I just love my sister! She's the best!

 Sweet Sammy!  I love that little smile and her sweet looks :]  Don't let her deceive you, she's a toot when she wants to be and definetly our "challenging child" :]  Doesn't mean we love her less, just means we have to be stern with this one!

 And then there's this one....Joey's hair is so curly in this pic!  She's growing up to be such a little lady.  She's opinionated, talkative and amazing! We are so thankful for both our girls!  Thank you Lord for our little Stout family!!!

Next it was off to Grandma's house for even more food!  I can't believe I didn't get many pictures, but the food was great as usual, and our family is growing so much that there are hardly any leftovers anymore :[  

I love Thanksgiving for so many reasons, but one of the biggest reasons is the food! There are things that I prefer from my family's dinner and things that Johnny prefers at his family's dinner, but we both like things at both.  We have never had to decide where to go because we live so close to both families which is great because we get the best of both worlds!  At my mom's, I live for the stuffing, the stuffed celery and the rolls....the turkey is always good, and my grandmother makes real cranberry sauce!  At my MILs, the turkey is always yummy and I love all the sides...broccoli cheese casserole, corn casserole, broken glass {awesome jello thing} and the colliflower. So really we just pig out all day and love it!!!

The pics I did get at my MILs house were of the girls painting grandma's nails! She's so sweet and let's them do this whenever they want!  I am always worried about things getting on the carpet, setting up the paper towels and cautioning Joey not to get crazy with the nail polish.  Sharon just sits down with the kids in the middle of the floor and lets them go to town!  What a sweet grandma!

 Don't forget the chapstick!!

All in all, we had a great Thanksgiving and we have so much to be thankful for!  God has provided in abundance and we are so grateful!  Can't wait to see what's in store for this upcoming year!

How was your Thanksgiving?


Holly (me.) said...

Hungry now... and suddenly aware that my nails are in need of some attention...

czstout said...

LOL Holly, I can send my little beauticians right over :]