Friday, January 6, 2012

Joey's Christmas Show!!!

What's the holiday season without a preschool Christmas Show?  Joey did great despite the fact she walked out in a different outfit then I sent her to school in :]  Apparently she didn't pee in her pants, but her pee shot out while she was on the potty?!?  Too much info?  LOL, oh well :]  anyway, here are some super cute videos of our little star singing about Jesus!!  I love it :]

After Joey's show they had a Christmas party back in the room!  I love that Joey goes to a Christian Mother's Day Out.  They actually get to have a Christmas party...not a holiday party! 

first we had some circle time!

Karin is our room mom and she did great!  She read the kids some books, sang songs with them and even had a craft!  

First up was the manger mix!  We mixed oats, sugar and sprinkles for the reindeer...we sprinkle them on our lawn so that they can find our house for Christmas night!

Now it's time for "Wake Up sleeping shepherds!

Now it's time for some yummy grub!!

The kids each got goodie bags to take home!

These were the baskets we all chipped in for our teachers!  I have a post coming up on all the handmade gifts I made this Christmas and the teacher gifts will be included, so stay tuned!

Joey with Miss Stephanie :]

Joey with Miss Melissa :]

We love our teachers and they love our Joey!  Thanks for a great 1st half of the year! Merry Christmas!!!

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