Thursday, January 5, 2012

Get Your Jewelry On!!!

Christmas was coming and my bestie just started a new business where she sells great jewelry for $5...that's right folks, just $5!!!!  Check out her blog here.....Fashion for 5.  I of course want to support Liz and so I decided to host a party.  We had some yummy drinks and a great time shopping! Check out all the pics and let me know if you are interested in hosting a party...I can get you in touch with Liz!

Since I didn't get any great pics of my Christmas decor, you can see a bit of it in these pics :]

No joke y'all, she just comes to your house, sets all this fun stuff up and you get FREE jewelry in the process!  We had a great time and my friends got some great gifts for the family and friends!  Thanks Liz for such a fun time!  Love you and your $5 accessories!!!

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Liz Rock said...

Ahhhhh! I love you friend I can not get in touch with! Hope you and your family had a good holiday! Thanks for the awesome shout out!