Thursday, January 5, 2012

Disney On Ice...

Thanks to our wonderful family, we get to do some things that we normally wouldn't splurge on!  This treat was on Jackie...she got us tickets to see Disney on Ice!  It was so much fun and the entire family got a chance to go!  We even met Becky and Cyndi there with their kiddos!

Our hosts for the evening were none other than Micky, Minnie, Donald Duck and Daffy Duck!

the girls were loving it!  They were hooked from the beginning!

Sammy even did well for most of the show! She got a little antsy in the end, but all in all did a great job!

simba and nala :]

Loved these guys!!

One of the big numbers...under the sea, I think!

I was holding Sam for a while, but this was the last number with Peter Pan...that crocodile was legit!

We ended the day with a pizza picnic and Sammy decided to take a nap :]  She must have had enough to get worn out!

Thanks Aunt Jackie, we had a blast!!!!


Holly (me.) said...

What a fun show to see with your girls! We were treated to tickets to one of the Disney on Ice shows when our Big Kids were little, and they loved it.

czstout said...

It was a lot of fun! Have you seen Blades of Glory? Kinda makes me wonder what goes on behind stage :] The girls had a blast and I'm sure if my SIL is handing out the tickets, it won't be our last show!