Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Doctor, Wedding and Thanksgiving...Oh My

So yesterday I had a doctor's appointment :)  I weighed in at 102.2 lbs, and we got to hear the baby's heartbeat.  it was measured at 167 beats per minute.  The tech asked me what we have already and I said "a girl".  She said based on the speed of the heartbeat it might just be another girl!  This really does not do my previous prediction justice.  Oh well, I guess only time will tell!  My doctor said everything looked good and she was glad I was feeling better.  Last week was a huge turning point as far as how I felt.  It's refreshing to get in a car and NOT get carsick!  I'm hoping the sickness is gone for good!!!  I go back the week of Christmas for another heartbeat hearing, and we get to find out the sex of Stout Seed # 2 in January!  I can't wait!

On to other news...Thanksgiving week is here and I am so stoked!  I am gaining a new brother in law today!!  Ricky and Vicky are getting married in Hawaii today on the beach at sunset :)  I'm sad I don't get to be there, but am so thankful to welcome a new family member into our clan :)  Are you ready for that Ricky?!?

I'm also excited because we get to see my cousins Paige, Buddy, Tyler, McKenzie, Lindsay, Sam, and Maddux...well, Maddux is still cooking in Linds, but we get to rub that preggo belly, and I can't wait!!!  My Aunt Paula and Uncle Don are also coming, and it's always fun to see them over the holiday too!  I'm especially excited to take everyone to Top Golf! Johnny and I love this place!  It's so much fun, and if you are a golfer, even if you aren't a golfer, you would love it!  It's like a driving range with targets :)  If you have never been to this place, it's a blast, and you need to go! 

I have so much to be thankful for this year, and I'm just so excited!  I hope everyone has a great Thanksgiving holiday, and really takes the time to thank God for what he has so generously given us!

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