Tuesday, November 10, 2009

It Has to be a BOY!!!

For those of you who haven't talked to me lately, you don't know that I am totally convinced we are having a boy.  I could be completely wrong, but here are my reasons, and I'm stickin to em until I see a sonogram showing me differently!

  • With Joey I was NEVER sick!
  • With Stout Seed # 2 I get "carsick" everyday around 1ish...sometimes it's managable, but other times I've had to leave work even :(
  • With Joey I had great skin
  • With Stout Seed # 2 I have the skin of a 13 year old boy...there should really be an age limit on zits!!!
  • With Joey, the hair on my legs stopped growing and it started growing out of my neck...we would lovinigly refer to this phenomenon as "Teen Wolf"
  • With Stout Seed # 2  Teen Wolf isn't here and my leg hair still grows...much to my husband's dismay :)
  • With Joey I wasn't really craving specific food, and had no aversions to specific food
  • With Stout Seed # 2  I want French Fries, Okra..that's right, I said Okra, Granola Bars...really anything starchy....I am NOT liking ground turkey...blech...and I usually love ground turkey!  I hope this doesn't affect Thanksgiving!
  • With Joey my hair went from Oily to dry.  I only had to wash it every other day
  • With Stout Seed # 2 my hair is Oily by the end of the day and I have to wash it every day
The list could go on and on, but I will spare you the details...the only thing I know is that this is a BOY, and if it's not, they I will be totally suprised.  I will be happy either way, boy or girl, I just can't wait to have another baby to hold and snuggle, and love!!

Speaking of someone to hold and snuggle and love, here is a pic of little Miss Joey holding one of her favorite babies (who is almost as big as her) Caroline, or as Joey says "Teroline".  So cute!  And yes folks, this is Caroline's real hair!!  Isn't she a cutie??

PS...no cars were moving in this picture...Joey had just been buckled in and let Holli know she wanted to hold Caroline!  Holli is so sweet and let her.  Joey made sure that Holli was not helping!


Christie said...

That is so sweet that she wanted to hold her, what a cute pic! So when do you find out if it is a girl or boy?

Endsley Family said...

AWWWWW!!!! This is so cute! I'm stealing this picture and putting it on our blog! By the way...you are 100% having a boy! Hands down! When I was pregnant with Luke, I knew immediately that it was a boy! I even went out and bought Jon a Father/Son book and wrote in it and gave it to him during the very first sonogram. Then with Caroline, I knew she was a girl! So, if you have that strong of a feeling...you're having a boy!!!! Have you thought of any names?