Monday, November 16, 2009

Happy Birthday Emma!!

Friday Night we went to our friend Emma's 1 year old birthday party.  We had a blast playing with all the balloons, eating the amazing food, and hanging with great friends!  Here are a few pics :)

Joey was all about giving Emma kisses and hugs...she finally snuck up on Emma and layed one on her :)

Here is Joey vacuuming :)  She loved this thing and even fought Madison for it....Let me just say it wasn't her shining moment.  I did catch this on film though so that we can prove to her one day that she does in fact love to push the vacuum :)

Here are the boys playing with all the balloons!  They were having a blast....who knew what a few balloons could do for a room full of kids :)

This was amazing...Kelli was so in the danger zone!  All the kids were running around, flinging themselves on the floor, kicking the balloons, and more.......It was awesome!  Check out the look on her face :)  I love you Kelli!!!

Emma loved the cake, and rightfully was amazing!!  She had to grab a bite :)

Present time is always fun...Joey was all about the babies that Emma got, and I'm surprised we got out of their house without a fit for one of the babies!!

That's pretty much it :)  Thanks Tony and Isabel for having us over for food and fun!  We had a blast, and I'm glad we could share this day with ya'll!  Happy Birthday Emma!!

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