Sunday, November 1, 2009


So last night was Joey's 2nd Halloween. Last year she basically sat in a stroller and looked cute in her lady bug costume! This year she was out in full force, trick or treating and all! We started out the night at Aunt Lisa and Uncle Bret's house for some chili and fellowship! Once everyone arrived and was fed, we hit the pavement. Joey only went to a couple of doors, and after a few dud candy houses, Johnny insisted that everyone next year put up a sign saying what kind of candy they were handing out so we don't waste our time on "tootsie roll" houses :) Here are some pics :)

this is Johnny and Joey after the first house we let her go up to..she was so excited!!!

Here's a closeup of her costume....she was a giraffe this year!

.....and another

Our friend Madison had to go potty, so we stopped for a family picture photo op in front of some pumpkins!

Once we got back to Bret and Lisa's house we put Jo in her PJ's and let her hold baby Hannah. Joey loves babies, even though most of them are about her size! Isn't Hannah the cutest bumble bee ever??

At this point she was over holding Hannah :)

Johnny practicing for Stout Seed # 2

These are our great friends the Brandon, and Amanda, and their 2 girls Madison and Baby Hannah. They have come Trick or Treating with us for the past 2 years!

The girls....Joey wanted the baby again at this point!!

The dads handling the situation!

All in all it was a fun night! Joey was so cute walking up to houses! She loved looking in her bucket even though she didn't really understand what was in it. We may give her some candy, but really it's for me and Johnny :) That's right folks, we pimped out our child for candy and we aren't afraid to say it! When we got home at 9p, Joey crashed and so did we!

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Liz Rock said...

I LOVE HER COSTUME! I just want to squeez her!