Saturday, November 28, 2009

Thanksgiving 2009!!!

Thanksgiving was great this year as usual!  We had some conflicting times with the families, so we decided to spend most of the time at my mom's house since my cousins and aunt and uncle we in town!  We had a blast hanging out at the house, playing in the yard, eating good food and fellowshipping with everyone!  Here are some pics from our Thanksgiving this year!

Here is Joey and McKenzie....Kenzie played with Joey all weekend and was a huge help!  She even let Joey play with her American Girl dolls!  Joey just latched on to her and they had a blast!

Here's my mom and my cousin Paige cooking I'm sure :)  Everything tasted so delicious!

We got a little stir crazy, so everyone went outside to play!

Then next day we took the fam to play Top Golf!  It was so much fun and everyone had a great time!  Linds, Sam and Tyler played putt putt while Johnny, Buddy, Uncle Don and I played Top Golf!  Here's a pic of Johnny about ready to go!  If you have never been to this place, you need to is so much fun!

This is my cousin Lindsay...she's 30 weeks preggo!!!  We are Top Golf PROS!

Thanksgiving wouldn't be complete with a stop at Grandma's (Johnny's Mom's House) for some Turkey soup!!!  So good...she makes her own noodles and everything!  Joey loved it :)  I didn't get a picture of the soup or anything, but I did get this picture of Joey...pretty sure she was sitting in daddy's lap trying to get into mine for some reason!

And that's how our Thanksgiving as usual!  What a great kickoff to the holiday season!!

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