Monday, August 29, 2011

1st Day of School 2011-2012

So today was Joey's first day of school for this year!  She woke up ready to go, and even wanted to wear the outfit she'd picked out the night before {it was a long shot that she would actually be in this outfit come morning :]}.  She let me put her hair in piggies, ate her breakfast and off we went!

At the moment she's throwing a fit because she's over tired and doesn't want to go to sleep, but that's neither here nor there :]

Let's look at some pictures and remember the happy times we had today!

For breakfast we had a banana split muffin :] Thanks Grandma

Getting out of the car like a big girl...she doesn't need help anymore!

"mom take a picture of the playground"

We were super early so mommy got a "coffee drink" at High Connections :]  Yummy!!!!  We sat in a booth and waited for school to start!

Here's Joey by her bin..

...and getting her name tag from Mrs. Stephanie!

before I left, she said "mommy, how do you do play doh?"....LOL, "like we do at home goof!"

I started this last year and loved the post school interview, so here we go with this years video {facebookers click on the original post to see the video}

I love her favorite thing about the 1st day of school :]  LOL

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Liz Rock said...

LOL...this was too cute! I love how she was like "I didn't make them, God made them". Too funny! Love that little princess!