Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Well Surprise Surprise!

So today I had my first doctor appointment for Stout Seed #2! I thought it was gonna be the standard pee in a cup, question and answer session then the dreaded pelvic exam. Well, to our surprise, we got to see our little Raspberry! We had a sonogram and got to see the heartbeat of our new baby! Based on the measurements of the baby, he/she is due June 11th. Since I had some complications with Joey (i.e. 17 hours of labor, getting to a 7cm, then regressing, then ending up having her c-section), they said we will just schedule another c-section for Stout Seed #2. So mark your calendars folks....unless he/she comes on his/her own earlier, the scheduled date is June 2nd! We are so excited, and I'm glad Johnny got to come to the appointment since we weren't expecting to have a sono today!

Weird fact: My Great Grandmother was born in April, and her sister was born in June. My grandmother was born in June. My Uncle was born in April, and my Mom was born in June. I was born in April, and my sister was born in June. Joey was born in April, and Stout Seed #2 is due in June! This is CRAZY...all the women in my family on my mom's side have only had babies in April and June...That being said, Stout Seed #2 needs to stay in my belly till my scheduled c-section date!!!! The tradition must live on!

That's the news! I will post a pic soon! I have to scan it in!

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Laurie said...

Congrats Christy!! Sorry I have been so out of the loop these days. But I am excited for you and your growing family! Hope the nausea hasn't been too bad. :)