Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Great News From the NICU!!!

So if you read yesterday's post, you know Sam had a great day and her breathing tube and her oxygen tube were taken out!!  They let us know that the doc would be in today and we were going to try to make it up to see her so we could get an official update!

I called this morning to confirm what time Dr. Foster would be in and she was actually there already.  I was able to talk to her and she said Sam had a great night!  Sam ate only from bottles and they were upping her volume of fluids and she was doing great with that!  The doctor said that they were going to up Sam's volume even more today and if that went well, they are going to take her IV line out of her belly button!  Once that comes out she is tube free and can come home soon!  I asked "How soon??".  She said that if everything goes as planned, Sam could be home as early as FRIDAY!!!!!!!  Are you kidding me??  That would be awesome!!!!

We got Joey up this morning and took her to Aunt Becky's so that we could go see Sam.  We got there and the doctor was still around and confirmed everything she told us this morning.  We got to hold Sam and give her her first 50 mL feeding to boot!!  She did great until she fell asleep after 40 mL :)  Johnny and I are just too soothing I guess, so the nurse stepped in and tried to wake her up to finish the rest of the feeding.  We had no such luck and had to stop at 40 mL.  The nurse said they are going to work on it through the day and hopefully she will stretch her tummy out enough to get up to 50 mL.  

It seems like this is the only thing holding her back right now, so please pray that she would eat, eat, eat!!!  We need this little lady to get that tummy stretched so that she can get up to 50 mL so that they can take the IV out.  Once that is done they will move her to a regular basinet {the bed she's in has a heater and all sorts of bells and whistles on it}.  She will be in that for a couple days tube free and IV free and then we will get to take her home!!!! 

I can't wait to have those chubby cheeks home and all to ourselves!!!  So please PRAY!!!! 


The Johnson's said...

Yay! That is such great news! We are praying for you and Sam! She is precious!

Abby said...

She is gorgeous! i love this picture of her! I hope she gets home where she belongs really soon :)

Jan Touchberry said...

SO very excited about the progress Sam is making!!! Praying for you guys daily and can't wait to see your little bundle of joy :o) Love you much!

Sean and Ashley Harris said...

Yeah!!!!! im so glad things are getting better!

Kelsey @ Seattle Smith's said...

Ohh I hope you get to take her home!