Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Mommy of 2 :)

First of all, let me start this post by saying I am so appreciative of my mom and sister who have been coming to our house to help me while Johnny is working this week!  I love y'all :)

That being said, today was really the first day I felt the pressure of being a mommy of 2.  Here's what went down...

I was feeding Sam {and by that I mean the girl was hooked on to me :)} when Joey wanted to come and sit by me.  She was being unusually fussy, and then BAM...she started to throw up her breakfast all over the love seat, and herself!  What do you do when you are hooked to a kid and your other kid starts to spew??  All she wanted was me, and I was occupied with her sister :(  Thank goodness my sister was there and she sprung into action!  She took Joey, and cleaned her up, cleaned up the love seat, finished feeding Sam with a bottle, changed the cover on the Boppy pillow, and more!  Poor Joey was sick for a while and ended up falling asleep on me for a two hour stretch :(  She had no fever, and I guess felt better once she woke up since she was ready to eat again!  Not sure what I would have done without Vicky's help today!!

Here's a sweet picture of my sister Vicky with her 2 favorite nieces!!

Since Joey had a bad day, I thought I would share some good day stories.....

So we are potty training Joey and the other day she was in her room with my mom and Johnny.  She looked at them and said "oh no, I spilled".  Johnny and my mom were wondering what she spilled because we don't allow drinks or food in her room usually.  They cracked up when they realized she had had an accident and had peed on the floor.  Usually not something we would laugh about, but when the kid said she "spilled", it was too funny!!

Joey loves to color and my grandmother got her some Color Wonder stuff for Christmas.  We have gotten her several books since then, and she just goes to town with the markers on the pages!  We got her a blank pad that you can use the Color Wonder markers on, and she has been drawing her own pictures.  She will draw something or take something that I have drawn, hug it tightly to her chest, and say "Oh mommy, I lub it, do you lub it?".  Are you kidding me, this kid is so cute!!! And yes Joey, I do lub it!

Joey is loving the pool these days and insists on calling it the "water park".  This is her motivation for not "spilling" throughout the day!  Daddy tells her when he leaves for work that if she "spills" he won't take her to the "water park".  They have been going pretty regularly, and she is getting pretty brave!  I've been staying in with Sam, but Johnny says that she is jumping to him now, and her cousin Mily gave her a floatie ring that she is using too :)  I hope we have a fish on our hands people!!

Well, that's it for now!  Here's hoping that everyone feels well tomorrow!!

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