Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Sam's 2 Week Check Up...

So last Friday we had Sam's rescheduled 2 week check up at her Pediatrician's office.  Why was it rescheduled you ask??  Click here for those details...

All caught up? GREAT!! Now onto the details of the appointment :)

So Friday I went to the doc with Sam and we got weighed, measured, poked and prodded.  Her height was 19.5 inches {you may remember her being a whopping 21 inches in the hospital??  Our nurse Rosa said they measure with a tape and it's often wrong...there is no way this child was 21 inches and lost and inch and a half...it just doesn't happen that way :)}.  So she is in the 17th percentile for height meaning 17% of babies her age are her height.  Her weight was 7lbs 11ozs which is my sister's birth weight :)  Sam was down 3oz from her birth weight of 7lbs 14ozs which was my birth weight!  She is in the 28th percentile for her weight which is good, but since she didn't make it back to her birth weight, I have to take her in to get weighed again this Friday just to make sure she's gaining the right amount of weight!  We had to do the same with Joey when she was 2 weeks old.  They also measure her head circumference and Sam's is in the 22nd percentile measuring in at 13 3/4 inches!  

The doc listened to her heart, and lungs and said everything sounds as it should and our baby girl is definitely healthy after all that fuss she caused us in the beginning!  

Thanks again for everyone's prayers!  We know the Lord worked through them and we can't thank you enough!  Please continue to pray as we await the results from her genetic testing {which should be in on Friday}, and for her and Joey's heart appointments in July!

I'll leave you with a precious picture of our little punkin......enjoy!

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Laurie said...

awww..that is a precious picture! So good to hear that she is healthy!