Tuesday, June 22, 2010

When It's Her Idea :)

Despite popular belief, I like when Joey's hair has bows in it!  I love the 10 seconds when she lets me put her hair in pony tails :)  Somehow I cannot get her to comply cute hair styles like Grandma and Miss Amanda can, and at our house if it isn't her idea, it's not happening!  

The other day Joey decided she wanted bows in her hair..here's what we ended up with compliments of daddy!

Not only did she want A BOW, she wanted every single one in the basket :)  She would have worn these in her hair for a while if we hadn't made her take them out!  I'm all about freedom of expression, but I don't want our 2 year old to end up on www.peopleofwalmart.com, and this hair do might have landed her a prime spot on the site since that's where we were planning on going :)

Is there anything you can't get your kids to do that other people can??

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Neely said...

Shes so stinkin cute!