Tuesday, June 8, 2010

NICU Videos...

Yesterday was such a fun day and we got to do a lot with Sam thanks to our night time nurse John.  He's not really a rule follower, and we loved it!  We got to take her temperature, change her diaper, hold her, feed her, and hang out for a really long time!  Here are some videos of our time with Sam yesterday!!!

This is the longest video at 4ish minutes.  Never mind the talking in the background....it's not really pertinent info.  Feel free to listen in though if diaper changing and such isn't all that interesting to you :)

It was a process, but John let me hold Sam.  He had to unhook and re hook a lot of wires to make this happen!  He said it's super important for these NICU babies to be held and loved on!  I completely agree {anything for me to get a hold of that baby girl!!!}!  We had to keep her laying as flat as possible so her belly button line wouldn't come out, but I could handle that!!!!

Here's another of me holding her :)  She totally pulled her feeding tube out a little bit and I had to stick it back in...yuck!!!

And I got to feed her :)  She was hungry and chowed down on her food super quick!!

Here's Sam with daddy.  I left the room for a little bit to pump {sorry for the TMI} and daddy got to watch her get all snuggled up and ready for bed!  They wrapped her up like a baby burrito, but some heated blankets on her and gave her 2 hats to wear!  This girl was snug as a bug when it was all said and done :)  Here she is talking before it all went down!

That's all the ooey gooey goodness we have for you right now!!  Hope everyone is doing well, and again, keep up the praying!!  It's what's keeping us going, I just know it!


Holly (me.) said...

Love the videos. :) We had an awesome night nurse at Children's when our youngest was in ICU who would let us touch her, swab her mouth, and give her a bath. What a blessing!

Kelsey @ Seattle Smith's said...

What proud parents -- praying for little Sam!!