Sunday, June 13, 2010


So Friday was the big day!  We called the NICU before heading up to visit Sam, and they told us that we were going to get to bring her home!  We were so excited :)  The doc said that we should treat Sam like a healthy baby because that's what she is!  With a few instructions from one of our favorite nurses Cheryl, and we were on our way!  Here are a few pics of our departure :)

Pretty sure Johnny was listening or trying pretending to listen to the instructions?!?

Here's Sam in her going home outfit!  So cute :)

Here's the cake my mom got for all the NICU staff!  Everyone was so great, and we really appreciated all that they did for our little girl!!

Getting buckled in!!

Look at that sweet face :)

And those sweet feet!!

When we got home, we let Joey hold her and she is a proud big sister!!!

She loves to give her sweet kisses!!!

Here's a video of Joey holding her for the first time :)

It was an awesome day and here's hoping we have an awesome summer!!!  Thanks so much for all your prayers for our baby!!  We are so glad she's home!!

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Holly (me.) said...

Hooray! Loved seeing you yesterday, and so glad that you are all home.