Friday, July 2, 2010

1 Month Already!!

Can you believe that just 1 short month ago, I looked like this??  I had all those crazy tubes in me, and my lungs weren't quite right!

Here we are a month later and I look like this :) Much better huh??

Here I am having some "tummy time"

Here I am in my swing...which by the way my sister hated when she was my age!!!

An here I am playing with my big sister Joey!

I can't do much, but I sure can eat, sleep and poop like a champion!  Now here's my mommy to give you the real scoop!!

Thanks for the intro Sam :)  Anywho, this month has flown by!  Since Sam was in the NICU for 9 days, I feel like we were jipped on some prime play time and learning time for her :)  I'm sure it won't set her back, it has just really made the month go by all that much quicker!  

Like she said above, Sam is sleeping, eating and pooping like a champion.  I feel like that's really all she does, and all we do is put her down for naps, feed her and change diapers all day and all night long :)  She still has her nights and days mixed up and is sometimes up from 1a-4a despite our best efforts of rocking her, patting her back, and anything else you can think of to soothe a baby.  

Sam can now track toys with her eyes when you pass them in front of her.  She coos all the time, but her main form of communication is grunting.  We actually moved her to her own room about a week ago because she even grunts in her sleep and we can't sleep while she's grunting :)

We just started putting her on her play mat, and she seems to like it.  Well lets put it this way...she doesn't hate it!! It's hard to tell what she likes right now since she still smiles on accident and can't talk to us anything yet!

We have her heart appointment on Tuesday July 6th to see how her heart is developing.  If you didn't know, they diagnosed her in the hospital with pulmonary valve steno-sis and atrial septal disorder.  Not sure I spelled those right :)  Anywho, they are going to do an EKG and possibly a sonogram to check on her progress.

As far as her genetic tests, we called the hospital today to see if they had the results yet since her NICU doctor was the one who ordered the tests and they said that her blood was at it's 3rd lab for testing.  When they have to send it out to a 3rd lab the results can take anywhere from 5-6 weeks from original order date.  So we may not know for a while.  Cheryl didn't know why it was sent to another lab, she just knew it had been sent.

People keep asking how Joey is doing with Sam and the answer is...GREAT!  She's so loving toward her little sister and loves to give her kisses, and help with diaper changes!  She doesn't even get jealous when I have to feed Sam {which I was nervous about}!  Here's a pic of the typical scene with these sisters...

1st you have to check her out and make sure she's OK...

Then you climb right on up and sit with her to ensure she stays OK!!

I feel like God has truly blessed us with 2 sweet angels, and I can't wait to see how their relationship blossoms as they both get older!

How are Johnny and I adjusting??  Well, if Sam could get this whole night and day thing figured out, we would be doing better, but other than that, we are doing great!  We really appreciate all the prayers we have been on the receiving end of these days, and are feeling God's presence each day when we look into our beautiful girls' eyes!! Stay tuned this week for tons of updates...I'm just a tad behind :)

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