Sunday, July 25, 2010

Hawaiian Falls :)

So each year EWA rents out Hawaiian Falls for a few hours after the parks closing hours!  We get the park all to ourselves :)  That means no lines, and no one pushing your 2 year old down in the kids park!

Well, yesterday was the day, and we had a blast!  Sammy stayed with Grandma while Johnny and I spent some quality time with our first baby!!  Here's a few pics of our day at the water park.

{Stout family photo :)  Minus Sammy of course}

{Joey was ready to get in the water!!}

{Daddy catching her at the bottom of the slide}

{Brandon was teaching Joey all these funny things to do in the fountains like crawling under them, walking backwards in them and more...what a sweet cousin!!|

{Johnny and Joey coming down the big slide}

Side note.....they told us you aren't supposed to go down the slides with your children.  I didn't listen and took Joey anyway :(  I know, it wasn't right, but I did it.  We got to the end of the slide and I decided that the water would spray joey too much so I lifted her up to get her out of the water.  Well, the water at the end of the slide took me out and I lost control of Joey.  She hit her head on the slide and I hit my shin.  We both have crazy bruises, and I'm not winning the "mother of the year" award anytime soon!  Luckily her bruise is pretty much gone, but as for my bruise, it's here to stay for a while I guess...still a lump today!  On with the pictures :)

{Ok, there was just this last picture, but it was to cute not to share!!}

All in all it was an awesome day {minus the head bonk}!  Thanks Grandma for watching Sam so we could go to Hawaiian Falls with Joey!!

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Liz Rock said...

How fun! We had a blast that one year!