Tuesday, July 20, 2010


So I was lazy with the camera the past few days and we've had some "firsts" go undocumented :(

The other day we took Sammy swimming for the first time!  She wasn't a huge fan, but she looked so cute in her swimsuit and hat!  I will get pics the next time, I promise :)

Today I cut Joey's hair for the first time.  It has always been uneven, and now that she wants it up all the time, it's really been starting to annoy me...that being said, I sat her on the sink this morning and trimmed her hair so it would be even.  Luckily she has some curls in her hair because she was wiggly and I'm not sure how "even" I actually cut it!

So that's it...I wanted to document these firsts before I forgot about them!  Hope your day is going well, and I'll leave you with this sweet pic of Joey and her little sister :)

{Joey is so proud :]}

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