Saturday, July 17, 2010

Our First Outing...

So my friend Amanda convinced me it was time to get out of the house with the girls.  Johnny has been at work all week and this was going to be the first time I loaded the girls, their bags, our double stroller and myself in the car to go somewhere without him!

To those of you who don't have kids, let me just enlighten you as to what goes into any outing for the Stout family....both girls need to be dressed, Joey needs to try and go to the potty, Sam needs to have a diaper change, you need to make sure both girl's bags are packed with an extra outfit, panties for Jo, diapers and wipes for Sam, a bottle for Sam, and water for Joey.  Put Sam in her car seat, then you have to put the stroller in the car with the bags, then hoist Joey into her car seat, buckle her in, then put Sam's car seat in the base unit in the car.  Now buckle yourself in the car, turn it on and put the A/C on full blast and you are ready to go!  Oh and I forgot, Joey gets car sick sometimes, so you have to make sure the barf bucket is in the car and within reach in case she spews :)

So that being said...with a deep breath, I promised to meet Amanda and her kiddos at Babies R Us for some window shopping.  I got there and much to my surprise, I got both the girls out of the car with their bags in tow into our stroller before they melted in the heat of the Summer sun!  Huge sigh of relief, WE DID IT!  The hard part was I thought!

So we got into the store and we were looking around when Joey tells me she needs to go potty.  I take her to the potty where she proceeds to freak out and refuse to go.  Jo is terrified of potties that flush automatically and she recognized that this one did just that..hence the freak out.  I told her that if she peed in Babies R Us I was going to be upset.  We left the potty and found Amanda.  All of a sudden, Joey says "Oh no, I spilled".  I look at her and she had peed on the floor in the middle of the store!  There was a puddle so I thought she was done....nope...."Oh no, I'm spilling again".  Here came more...the puddle got bigger!  I ran and found a package of panties from a display {when I said earlier that the bags were in tow, I had actually left Joey's bag in the car because she has been doing so good lately and hasn't had an accident in a while}.  Thank goodness Amanda was there...she changed Joey's panties and cleaned her up while I went to find someone to clean up the puddles my little lady had left behind.  The employees at Babies R Us are so sweet and assured me that this was not the first time this had happened.  Since Joey peed on her shoes, she won herself a one way ticket to ride in the stroller for the rest of the trip :)  She would ask me why Madison {Amanda's daughter} got to walk and I told her "Madison didn't pee on her shoes" :)

We finished our shopping trip and we left Babies R Us with a new package of panties...LOL

Now that we got the bad outing out of the way, I'm ready to hit the town for many more!  Watch out people, this act could be coming to a town near you :)


Laurie said...

I love this Christy!! I am dying laughing at this adventure in motherhood. I know the feeling. All that was missing was Sam having a huge screaming fit at the exact time Joey was peeing AND for you to be by yourself. Then that would be my life. :)

Keep up the stories, they are so fun to read!!

Alli said...

My oldest daughter was scared of those automatic flushing toilets too. My husband had the best idea...just keep a pack of sticky notes in your diaper bag and stick one on the sensor and it won't flush while your kiddo is using the potty. Hope this idea helps you too. :)

czstout said...

Thanks Laurie! I was thanking God that Sam was napping :)

Alli, I have heard that, but just haven't tested it yet! After this adventure, I'm putting post-its in the bag NOW :)

Endsley Family said...

Oh I can completely understand where you're coming from! No one can unless they've done the exact same thing! It's so hard at first...when I finally decided to get out for a playdate with the kids, I took them to the arboretum. Caroline was 5 weeks and Luke was a hot mess. We were close to leaving and I put Luke in the stroller to leave and turned around for a second to talk to a friend. In the 2 minute conversation I had with her, Luke got out of the stroller and ran over a hill. I panicked. It took me about 3 minutes to find him, but they were the longest 3 minutes of my life. Now, that he's older and is afraid of losing sight of me, it's much easier now. But, now Caroline is in the "I don't care phase" that's always fun too! I think you're an AWESOME Mama of two sweet, beautiful girls! I think you've got the hardest job in the world right now. Just wait until next year, it gets easier and easier!